Number of people living in absolute poverty rose by two and a half times

According to Statistics Estonia, 22.5% of Estonia’s population lived at risk of poverty and 3.5% in absolute poverty in 2022. Compared with 2021, the share of people living at risk of poverty decreased by 0.3 percentage points and the share of people living in absolute poverty increased by 2.1 percentage points.
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Largest and most comprehensive relationship survey to date reveals: it is in intimate partnerships that people in Estonia experience the most violence

The first-ever relationship survey*, conducted by Statistics Estonia, points to several areas of concern in Estonian people's intimate relationships. Among other things, the results of the survey revealed that both women and men suffer physical, psychological, and sexual violence most often in couple relationships.
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Internet use is increasing in Estonia

According to Statistics Estonia*, 93.2% of households in Estonia have an internet connection at home. The number of households with an internet connection has increased by 13,000 compared with the previous year, when there were 533,300 such households. There are also more users of e-commerce.
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