Cinema and film production

People go to the cinema more and more in Estonia. A proof of that is ever larger admittance numbers as well as a wide selection of films at the cinema. There are around 50 cinemas in Estonia with over 80 screens.

There are numerous film and video production enterprises in Estonia, producing full-length films and short films, documentaries, advertising films and animations. More and more talented filmmakers reach international audiences with their production. The Estonian Film Institute coordinates the local film scene and collects data on films.

Film statistics cover different types of film, including the production of corporate films and other audio-visual services.

The statistics provide information, such as:

  • how often people go to the cinema in Estonia;
  • how many films are screened each year;
  • how many new films are produced;
  • how many films of Estonian origin are screened.
Films in cinemas 349
Estonian films in cinemas 49
Cinema attendance 2.33 million
Full-length feature films, with an Estonian company as the main producer 9
Full-length documentaries, with an Estonian company as the main producer 15
Cinema attendance per hundred inhabitants | 2013–2022

Cinema attendance set a new record

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2017, cinema attendance set a new record, surpassing 3.5 million visits for the first time. Cinema attendance has doubled in the last ten years. The rising popularity of cinemas can be explained by an increase in the number of cinemas and a wider selection of films as well as by the generally higher living standard.
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