Personnel Policy

Statistics Estonia’s personnel policy is a set of common principles followed throughout the organisation and supporting the implementation of Statistics Estonia’s strategy.

The objective of the personnel policy is to develop, recognise and treat the organisation’s personnel according to common principles. Good personnel management helps to ensure that the organisation achieves good results and is competitive. An effective personnel policy fosters a sense of unity and a strong internal culture.

Management of Statistics Estonia

The daily management of Statistics Estonia is based on the organisation’s strategy and values. The managers set an example to other employees with their actions. They motivate and encourage the employees in order to achieve the shared objectives. Statistics Estonia’s employees are able to participate in the preparation of our strategy and development plans, and have a say in determining the future course of Statistics Estonia. We encourage our employees to express their opinion and we foster openness within the organisation, so that everyone is able to utilise their specialist skills and become the best in their field.

Statistics Estonia has the following management principles:

  • Develop the employees and team work;
  • Be open and honest and encourage two-way communication;
  • Support self-management and individual performance;
  • Be committed to consensus and cooperation;
  • Become an organisation that learns from the experience and knowledge of each employee.

Personnel management is a key responsibility for each manager and helps to ensure good cooperation and good performance.

Personnel planning

Targeted and efficient personnel planning is an integral part of the personnel policy and ensures the stability of the organisation. Planning is based on the short- and long-term needs of the organisation.

Recruitment, personnel selection and induction

We recruit knowledge-driven, motivated and qualified specialists. We offer long-term cooperation and possibilities for personal development within Statistics Estonia and in the European Statistical System.

Recruitment and personnel selection are managed by the personnel specialists together with the immediate superior of a given position.

New employees are guided by a mentor who helps them to get to know the organisation and the team and to settle in their new position. There is an induction training for new employees.

Recognition, remuneration and motivation

By recognising the role and value of each employee, we contribute to a positive atmosphere in the organisation. Recognition is also a key driver of improved performance. To show that we value our employees, we recognise their professional achievements, we consider their opinion, we trust their expertise and we treat them fairly. In order to motivate our employees, we organise staff events, we support sports activities, we give our good wishes upon important personal events and we choose the best performers of each year.

The competitiveness of the wages paid by Statistics Estonia is assessed based on a wages and salaries survey. The wages are adjusted subject to the availability of budgetary funds. If possible, the employees are paid a bonus for good performance.

To  improve work-life balance, we offer our employees teleworking possibilities and flexible working time arrangements.

Personnel development

We value employees who want to learn and get better and who implement their knowledge, skills and expertise in their work. Each year, in cooperation with the employees, we prepare the organisation’s training plan to support the professional development of our employees. As an alternative to traditional training, we offer our employees job shadowing and job rotation possibilities. The employees can also become an internal coach or a mentor.

We conduct performance reviews to analyse job performance and set new targets for work and professional development. The aim of performance reviews is to give the employees feedback and recognise past performance.

An important objective of Statistics Estonia’s personnel policy is to ensure that there are replacements within the organisation for various positions. The main focus is on key positions – we have to ensure that key employees share their knowhow with other employees (or their replacement) and that there are employees who can replace staff in key positions.

For Statistics Estonia, it is essential to cooperate closely with universities and other institutions of higher education. Each year, there are students who do an internship in the main or support functions at Statistics Estonia. Also, each year we award the Albert Pullerits grant to motivate young people interested in statistics to apply and develop statistical methods, and to strengthen Statistics Estonia’s cooperation with research institutions.