Besides Estonians, people of other cultural and language backgrounds live in Estonia. Integration should ensure that everybody has a good life in Estonia, irrespective of nationality or mother tongue. It should be possible for people whose roots are not in Estonia to live, work, study and participate in local life.

Each person can help to make Estonia a great place to live. It is necessary to accept all social groups and respect one another.

Integration statistics provide information on people with other than Estonian as their home language, with other citizenships and origins, in particular on their:

  • acquisition of education;
  • participation in employment;
  • socioeconomic coping;
  • living conditions.

Integration statistics help to assess what it is like for people of other ethnic nationalities to live in Estonia and how coherent and tolerant is the society. Integration indicators are part of statistics of other subject matter domains.

At-risk-of-poverty rate of persons with Russian citizenship 33.8 %
At-risk-of-poverty rate of persons with other citizenship 35.1 %
Employed persons with Russian as home language 208.3 thousand
Employed persons with other home language 16.0 thousand
Inactive persons aged 15–74 among immigrant population 68.0 thousand
Unemployment rate of Russians 9.3 %
Unemployment rate of persons of other ethnic nationalities 10.3 %
Foreign-origin population 410,196


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