Television and radio

Despite the wide reach of digital media in Estonia, traditional TV and radio programmes are still popular. Everyone can find something they like from the selection of television broadcasters and radio stations. TV and radio also promote other areas of culture, offering quality films, music and plays as well as live broadcasts of the most important events.

Television and radio statistics cover all radio and TV stations in Estonia. The statistics include information, such as:

  • how many TV and radio broadcasters there are in Estonia;
  • what is the duration of broadcasting;
  • how is the duration divided between Estonian and Russian language broadcasts;
  • how many people work in broadcasting.

All transmitting TV stations with valid broadcasting licences submit data to Statistics Estonia. Statistics on television and radio are used to monitor and plan the consumption of traditional media.

Public TV broadcasters 3
Private TV broadcasters 24
Mean daily duration of broadcasting per TV broadcaster 1,170 minutes
Employees of broadcasters 1,354
Public radio broadcasters 5
Private radio broadcasters 30
Mean daily duration of broadcasting by type of broadcast | 2023
Mean daily duration of broadcasting per broadcaster by type of broadcast | 2023


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