Innovation refers to the launch of a new or significantly improved product or service or the introduction of a new business process. The aim of innovation is to create value and gain a competitive advantage, which will benefit the enterprise’s development and increase productivity, simultaneously contributing to economic growth.

Product or process innovation can involve the application of new technological solutions, a new combination of existing technologies or the application of the knowledge available to the enterprise. However, innovation may not always result in the launch of a new product or service or improvement of a completed production process. Innovation activities may also be abandoned before the end result is achieved.

Innovation statistics provide information on

  • how many Estonian enterprises are engaged in innovation;
  • what kind of innovation is pursued by enterprises;
  • what is the strategy of enterprises in innovation development, use of resources and innovation cooperation.

On the basis of innovation statistics, it is possible to analyse economic development trends, make decisions affecting the society and formulate innovation policy. The data are collected through the innovation survey of enterprises and allow comparing Estonian enterprises and their innovativeness with other European Union and OECD countries.

Share of innovative enterprises 53.0 %
Number of innovative enterprises 2,053
Number of innovative enterprises in industry 1,100
Number of innovative enterprises in service activities 952
Total expenditure on innovation 0.92 billion euros
Enterprises by type of innovativeness | 2022
Enterprises by type of co-operation | 2022
Enterprises by type of process innovation | 2022
Industry Service activities Total
Process innovative enterprises 894 790 1,684
New or improved methods for producing goods or providing services (including developing) 654 491 1,146
New or improved logistics, delivery or distribution methods 251 272 524
New or improved methods for information processing or communication 314 448 762
New methods for accounting or other administrative operations 285 307 591
New business practices for organising procedures or external relations 269 328 598
New methods of organising work responsibility, decision making or human resource management 421 487 909
New marketing methods for promotion, packaging, pricing, product placement or after sales services 319 347 666

Enterprises by type of product innovation | 2022
Industry Service activities Total
Product innovative enterprises 608 554 1,163
New goods 390 171 561
Improved goods 475 196 671
New services 176 321 497
Improved services 249 475 723