Albert Pullerits prize

Statistics Estonia has awarded the young statistician’s prize named after Albert Pullerits since 2011. Albert Pullerits (1892–1967) was the first director of the Estonian State Central Bureau of Statistics and the founder and developer of official statistics in Estonia. The prize is given to a student whose Bachelor's or Master's thesis in the area of population, social life, economy or the environment applies or develops a statistical method.

The aim of Albert Pullerits prize is to

  • recognise young people who help to promote statistics as an important branch of science;
  • to motivate young people interested in statistics to apply and develop statistical methods;
  • to strengthen Statistics Estonia’s collaboration with research institutions. 

Requirements for applicants

  1. All persons whose Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis (hereinafter: student paper) on population, social life, economy or the environment was completed in 2023 and that applies or develops a statistical method to a significant extent are eligible to apply.
  2. The student paper submitted to the competition must meet the following requirements:
    • the author is a permanent resident of Estonia aged 30 or younger at the time of applying;
    • the student paper complies with the content and structure requirements of academic papers;
    • the student paper is in Estonian or English.
  3. The application must include
    • an application letter, which indicates the time and place of the student's thesis defence (incl. the student’s speciality and educational institution), student’s contact details (e-mail address, telephone number), contact details of the supervisor or reviewer (e-mail address, telephone number), place of work or educational institution at the time of applying;
    • an electronic copy of the student paper;
    • if the student paper is in English, a summary in Estonian (2–3 pages);
    • a letter of opinion written by the supervisor or reviewer.
  4. Student papers and the required documents can be submitted to Statistics Estonia by e-mail (stat [at] (stat[at]stat[dot]ee), keyword "Albert Pulleritsu preemia") until 15 September 2023 (incl.). Papers submitted later are excluded from assessment. Additional information: +372 625 9300.
  5. The student paper is submitted by the author or supervisor. 

Selection procedure

  1. An evaluation committee is established for the assessment of student papers. The committee consists of Statistics Estonia's representatives and a member of the Statistical Council (excl. Statistics Estonia's representatives).
  2. The members of the evaluation committee are approved by a directive of the Director General of Statistics Estonia.
  3. The number of committee members depends on the number of papers submitted for the competition.
  4. Committee members do not participate in assessing the papers that they have supervised or reviewed or if they are not impartial for any other reason.
  5. In assessing student papers, the committee takes into account the following criteria:
    • novelty of the concept;
    • methodology;
    • applicability of results.

6. In the case that two papers are assessed as equal, the applicability of the results is considered.

Announcement of the winner

  1. The winner of Albert Pullerits prize is announced on Statistics Estonia's website at the latest during week 42. The winner will receive a certificate and a €1000 gift card (the winner can choose a suitable book store or electronics store gift card). The winner’s supervisor is awarded a certificate of honour.
  2. The winning paper is published on the website of Statistics Estonia.
  3. If possible and the winner so desires, he or she can do an internship at Statistics Estonia.

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