What is Intrastat?

Intrastat (Intra-EU Trade Statistics) is a system for collecting data on the trade in goods between European Union countries. It was established in 1993, following the setting up of the European Union single market and the abolition of customs control at internal borders. Estonia joined it on 1 May 2004. In trade between the European Union countries, the terms “arrivals” and “dispatches” are used instead of imports and exports. Most of Estonia’s trade takes place with European Union countries, which means that data on about 70% of foreign trade transactions must be collected for Intrastat with questionnaires.

Who commissions the survey?

For the survey, the main representative of public interest is the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Why do we need the data?

Foreign trade statistics are produced on the basis of Intrastat data. The statistics are required in the public and private sectors in the world, at European Union level, in every Member State and economic entity for decision-making and planning. Trade in goods statistics can be used to plan transport infrastructure and assess the vitality of the economy. For economic entities, foreign trade data are important for conducting market research.

How often is the survey conducted?

Intrastat reports on all transactions carried out with European Union countries in the previous month have to be submitted to Statistics Estonia at the latest by the 14th day of the month following the reference month.

How are the survey participants selected?

Intrastat reports must be submitted by economic entities whose turnover in trade with European Union countries exceeds the statistical threshold set for the reference year. Statistics Estonia determines the statistical threshold on the basis of the foreign trade data of the previous year. In determining the obligation to provide data, the turnover of both trade flows is considered separately. Data must be provided only for trade flows above the statistical threshold.

How are the data collected?

Intrastat data can be submitted to Statistics Estonia electronically, using the eSTAT web environment.

Where will the results be published?

Foreign trade statistics are published in the statistical database at approximately 26 days after the data collection deadline.

How to make sure that this is a survey by Statistics Estonia?

The survey can be answered online at In case of questions or problems, please contact our customer support, tel. +372 625 9300 or send an e-mail to klienditugi [at] (klienditugi[at]stat[dot]ee).