Information for classification of economic units

The list of economic units is a helpful tool primarily for those respondents who are required to report in statistical questionnaires financial transactions or financial assets and liabilities broken down by customer or type of transaction, e.g. loans granted and deposits taken by credit institutions or lease claims of customers of leasing companies.

The list of economic units is published once a year (in December) and includes economic units that have been economically active in at least one of the last three years. An exception is all financial sector units, which are included in the list even if they have not been economically active during the last three years. Of the changes that occurred during the year, only the most important for the compilation of statistics are included in the list.

Uniform classification of economic units in both the production of statistics and statistical reporting is an important precondition for high-quality statistics. Determining the economic activity and sector of economic units is based on ESA2010 methodology. Often, there is not enough information on the activities of economic units; therefore, the information in the list may not always reflect reality. Information may be lacking on new economic units that have been operating for a short period and have not yet submitted an annual report.

If a respondent has clients or parties to a transaction that are not included in the list of economic units, the classification of such units should be based on existing information and best knowledge.