1. No Poverty

The focus of the global goal “No Poverty” is to end poverty by reducing it through strengthening social protection systems and increasing employment and incomes.

The 2030 Agenda set the target to reduce by 2030 at least by half the share of men, women and children who according to national definitions live in poverty in any of its dimensions. The measure for ending poverty is social protection of vulnerable social groups, incl. adequate systems of subsistence benefits and pensions. It is important to pay attention to the social protection of people who live in areas of frequent natural catastrophes (floods, droughts).

The Estonian sustainable development strategy emphasises eliminating poverty in different population groups and reducing social exclusion, in order to ensure adequate social protection for all people living in Estonia. In Estonia, the groups at greatest risk of economic difficulty are older people, one-person households and lone parent households or households with three or more children.

The global goal “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” is linked in Estonia with the following indicators characterising social coping:

  • Absolute poverty
  • Persistent at-risk-of-poverty rate
  • Household saving
  • Persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion
Persistent at-risk-of-poverty rate 15.3 %
Household saving rate 0.2 %
At-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion rate 24.2 %