Marriages and divorces

Estonian people value family. Marriage is traditionally associated with living together and having and raising children. In addition to traditional registered marriages, there are nowadays more and more forms of family, such as cohabitation, single-parent family and blended family.

The statistics on marriages and divorces provide information, such as:

  • how many people get married in Estonia;
  • how many men and women remarry;
  • how many couples divorce;
  • how old are women and men when they get married for the first time.

Families where the parents are married tend to last longer and have more children. Knowing who gets married or divorced and when helps the state to better shape family policy and implement measures supporting families.  

Marriages 6,504
Remarried males 1,914
Remarried females 2,004
First married males 4,281
First married females 4,200
Divorces 2,648
Number of marriages and divorces | 2005–2023
Mean age at first marriage | 2005–2023