Libraries and books

Libraries have an important role in the society: to preserve cultural heritage and make information available everywhere in Estonia. Libraries also help people navigate the information society, support lifelong learning and develop reading habits.

Estonia’s library network functions on the basis of common principles and long traditions. It ensures that people have free access to information. Libraries have also become community centres, where various events take place and other services are offered. One in two persons in Estonia visits libraries.

Statistics on libraries and books provide information such as:

  • what are the reading habits of Estonian people;
  • how often are libraries visited;
  • how many books are borrowed;
  • how many paper and e-books are published each year.

Data on libraries are collected and processed by the National Library of Estonia. The statistics are commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, which uses the data to coordinate and develop the library network.

Library attendance of persons aged 15 and over 32.2 %
Persons aged 15 and over who read books in the previous 12 months 764.7 thousand
Copies of books printed 2,053 thousand copies
E-books in Estonian 2,131
Originals in Estonian 1,260
Titles of printed and e-books | 2014–2023
Children's books published in Estonia | 2004–2023


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