Submit data to the employment register

Pursuant to a government regulation, employers must enter in the employment register (TÖR) of the Tax and Customs Board the official title and address of the place of employment for each employee.

Its purpose is to make the collection of wages and salaries and labour force data more efficient, to produce more accurate statistics on wages and the labour market and to conduct a register-based population and housing census.

The occupational title and workplace address must be entered in TÖR for persons employed under an employment contract. If a person is working under a contract of the law of obligations, additional data in TÖR are not required.

In Estonia, approximately 700,000 official titles are in use. Information on official titles and workplace addresses is necessary for Statistics Estonia, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Qualifications Authority, Labour Inspectorate, Ministry of Defence, local authorities, etc.

The employment register is kept by the Tax and Customs Board. For information on finding the workplace address, entering the registration environment and for other questions related to the application, please contact the Tax and Customs Board by calling +372 880 0812 (consultation to business clients) and +372 880 0815 (e-tax services).

For questions concerning adding the official title and place of employment, please contact Statistics Estonia by calling +372 625 9100.

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