Accidents at work

Employers are responsible for ensuring their employees safety at work. Nevertheless, accidents happen and employees might suffer injuries. In the worst case, an accident can be fatal.

Statistics on accidents at work provide information on the victims by economic activity, sex, age and on the number of days of absence from work.

The statistics provide answers to the following questions.

  • How many accidents at work are registered?
  • In which economic activity are workplace accidents more common?
  • How many persons have suffered accidents at work?
  • How many persons are killed in accidents at work?

The increase in the number of accidents at work partially indicates that more accidents are reported. However, many accidents, primarily minor ones, are still not officially registered. In order to assess safety at work, Statistics Estonia also monitors the estimated total number of accidents at work, which is obtained by comparing registered accidents to the data of the Labour Force Survey.

Collecting data on occupational accidents and thereby supporting legislation and government’s decisions is important for ensuring a safer working environment.

Persons injured in accidents at work 3,181
Persons killed in accidents at work 15
Persons injured in registered accidents at work by economic activity 3,181
Registered accidents at work by economic activity | 2021–2022
Accidents at work resulting in more than three days' absence | 2012–2021