Competition "Andmepärl 2021"

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, Statistics Estonia announces competition "Andmepärl 2021" to find last year's best Estonian data story and infographic.

One of the goals of Statistics Estonia is to improve data literacy in the society. In order to promote using and interpreting data, we have launched a competition that recognises the best uses of data. There are two competition categories: best data story and best infographic. Since 2011, Statistics Estonia has also awarded Albert Pullerits prize for young statisticians.

Best data story is a recognition given to an individual, group of people, public institution or enterprise whose use and interpretation of data have significantly contributed to an understanding of an area or phenomenon, showed a phenomenon from new perspectives, increased awareness, encouraged a public debate or changed people’s behaviour in 2020.

Andmepärl 2021

Best infographic is a recognition given to an individual, group of people, public institution or enterprise whose data visualisation, application or infographic serves as a great example in its area in terms of design or impact, promotes the use and interpretation of data in a visual language and applies the best infographic design methods.

Competition conditions

  1. Competition is open to anyone whose data story or infographic has been published as an article, study or in some other format (incl. an image, etc.).
  2. The work was first published in 2020.
  3. The work is in Estonian or English language.
  4. The content and format of the work follow academic or journalistic principles.
  5. The work may have several authors.
  6. The work is available by electronic means.
  7. The work observes copyright principles.

To participate in the competition submit an application with the following information:

  1. Submission category (best data story or best infographic)
  2. Name and contact details of the person submitting the work (e-mail address, phone number)
  3. Author’s contact details (if the person submitting the work is not the author)
  4. Date of publication
  5. Reference and access to the location of the published work if the work is not attached to the e-mail
  6. Reasons for submitting the work to the competition and the importance of the work

Send the application by e-mail (stat [at] (stat[at]stat[dot]ee)) to Statistics Estonia by 28 February 2021 (incl.). In the subject line, write either "Andmepärli parim andmelugu" for a data story or "Andmepärli parim infograafika" for an infographic. Works may be submitted by authors or other people. Works submitted after 28 February will not be evaluated. For more information e-mail to stat [at] (stat[at]stat[dot]ee) or call +372 625 9300.


  1. Works submitted to the competition by deadline are evaluated by an evaluation committee convened by Statistics Estonia. The evaluation committee includes representatives of Statistics Estonia and experts in the areas of economy, IT, applied research, graphic design and media.
  2. The evaluation committee chooses at most five best works in each category. The winner will be chosen by public vote.
  3. The evaluation committee members of both categories are approved by a decree of the Director General of Statistics Estonia.
  4. The number of committee members depends on the number of works submitted to the competition.
  5. A committee member shall not participate in the evaluation if his or her own work is evaluated or if he or she cannot be impartial for some other reason.

Evaluation committee for the best data story

  1. Riin Aljas – data journalist
  2. Indrek Seppo – data scientist at OÜ Marduk Technologies; data science instructor
  3. Prof. Jaak Vilo – Head of the Institute of Computer Science and Chair of Data Science at the University of Tartu
  4. Prof. Indrek Ibrus – professor of media innovation at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts, and Communication School of Tallinn University
  5. Kaja Sõstra – leading analyst at Statistics Estonia
  6. Andres Kukke – Deputy Director General for Data Governance and Data Science at Statistics Estonia

Evaluation committee for the best infographic

  1. Kristian Kirsfeldt – Senior Design Lead at design agency Velvet OÜ
  2. Sandra Nuut – project manager and lecturer at the Graphic Design Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts
  3. Ivar Kuldver – head of newspaper design at AS Ekspress Meedia
  4. Alari Paluots – infographics editor at AS Postimees Grupp
  5. Märt Leesment – leading analyst at Statistics Estonia
  6. Andres Kukke – Deputy Director General for Data Governance and Data Science at Statistics

Criteria for evaluating a data story

  1. Explains a topic by the use of data
  2. Shows new perspectives on a phenomenon
  3. Impact of the story on the society/people
  4. Novelty/relevance of the topic

Criteria for evaluating an infographic

  1. Consideration of the context
  2. User-friendliness of the design and contemplated visual
  3. Use of the best methods
  4. Originality
  5. Novelty/relevance of the topic

Announcing the winner

Statistics Estonia announces the best data story and infographic winners and nominations on its website on 31 March 2021 and publishes a press release. The winner in each category receives a certificate of honour and 500-euro gift card (the winner can choose a gift card to a preferred bookstore or electronics store).

The winner in each category and the five best works are published on the website of Statistics Estonia.