Statistics on electoral districts

How many people in my electoral district are affected by the most common election promises? How many old-age pensioners, kindergarten-aged children or public transport users are in my electoral district compared to the rest of Estonia?

During the 2019 Riigikogu elections, we prepared an interactive overview of electoral districts in Estonia. The focus was on promises that deserved the greatest attention in the campaign programmes of political parties: incomes, share of pensioners and children in the population, family and ethnic relationships, transport, and overall well-being and health of the population.

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Interesting fact:

The age composition of the population of electoral districts differs significantly. The share of people with kindergarten-aged children is largest in Harju and Rapla counties, followed by Tartu and its surrounding areas. The number of such people is smallest in Ida-Viru county, where the promises about kindergarten places affect only one in ten adults. However, in Ida-Viru county, the share of children born into registered marriages is the largest (57%).

Data sources: 

Estonian Social Survey, population statistics, Estonian Labour Force Survey, data of the Social Insurance Board and Tax and Customs Board

Commissioned by: 

public interest


Kadri Rootalu, Märt Leesment