Labour policy indicators

What is the labour market situation of males and females, Estonians and other ethnic nationalities, inhabitants of Tallinn and Tartu, people with higher or basic education, parents and people without children? How have employment, unemployment and other employment indicators changed in population groups?

The labour market application allows customised analysis of the data of the Estonian Labour Force Survey. It is possible to combine employment, unemployment, inactivity and educational indicators with different background characteristics. One can observe changes in the labour market over time and compare population groups. The analysis results can be downloaded as graphs or data tables.

Take a look at the Labour market application (only in Estonian)

Interesting fact: 

The share of people working remotely has tripled in the last 10 years. In the recent years, the indicators for males and females have almost levelled.

Commissioned by: 

Ministry of Social Affairs

Data sources:

Estonian Labour Force Survey, data of the Unemployment Insurance Fund and Social Insurance Board


Eve Telpt, Ülle Pettai, Kaja Sõstra; developers Keegan McBride, Annegrete Peek