Economic impact of foreign visitors in Tallinn

How do foreign visitors affect employment and tax income in Tallinn? The analysis focused on the consumption of goods and services by foreign visitors to Tallinn and assessing its impact on the city’s economy, value added, gross domestic product, number of enterprises and employees as well as tax income.

We also observed the expenditure of foreign tourists in Tallinn and changes in tourism statistics over time, compared Tallinn accommodation statistics with Estonian averages and with the indicators of other capitals on the Baltic Sea. Tourism has many components and it cannot be limited to one economic activity; therefore, the impact of foreign tourism is difficult to measure. We used various analytical tools and data collected by several institutions.

Interesting fact:

Approximately 90% of the turnover of accommodation services in Tallinn comes from foreign tourists.

Commissioned by: 

Tallinn City Government

Data sources: 

Foreign Visitors Survey of Statistics Estonia and Enterprise Estonia, Tallinn foreign visitors survey by Kantar Emor, mobile positioning data of OÜ Positium LBS and data of Eesti Pank, official accommodation statistics of Statistics Estonia


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